Automatic Cleaners

Our team of professional service people supply, install and repair a number quality of automatic pool cleaners. We stock only the cleaners that we feel have proven their ability and quality. Our servicemen can tell you which machines are suited to your pool, are most durable and need fewest repairs and maintenance.

Ask us for information and a quote on the installing the best automatic cleaner for your pool.

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We recommend:

Polaris 280

The Polaris 280, renowned for its robust design and powerful cleaning action sweeps, scrubs and vacuums the bottom and walls of even the most difficult to clean pools.

Powered by dual vacuum jets and an integrated booster pump, the Polaris 280 will clean an average size pool in less than 3 hours, including picking up large debris most cleaners are unable to handle.Utilising the world renowned Polaris pressure cleaning technology, the Polaris 280 is the most popular pressure cleaner in Australia. Operating from its own booster pump, the Polaris 280 delivers superior all-round cleaning performance, perfect for pools of all shapes and sizes.

Jet Vac

Jet-Vac is a pressure driven pool cleaner and is characterised by its large intake throat capable of collecting large debris. Operating for just 2-3 hours per day, the Jet-Vac cleaner cleans your pool quickly and thoroughly. Powered by the Aqua-Quip booster pump Jet-Vac is ideal for heavy leaf loads that other cleaning systems leave behind. There’s virtually nothing this cleaner can’t swallow. The huge 115mm throat picks up twigs, large leaves, dirt, even golf balls and goggles! Large capacity bag compacts up to 3.5 litres of rubbish.

Jet-Vac features automatic forward/reverse cycles to ensure complete pool coverage on any

surface without getting stuck in corners. Jet-Vac requires a dedicated plumbing line and is powered by the Aqua-Quip Booster Pump, is not a suction cleaner that plugs into your skimmer box clogging baskets and hampering effective filtration. It works from the pressure supplied from the booster pump and only needs to run 2-3 hours per day.


The Rebel cleaner’s programmed steering and compact, two-wheeled design moves Rebel decisively throughout your pool. It manoeuvres from deep to shallow bottoms, up 90-degree floor-to-wall angles all the way to the water line and into tight spaces. Installation is a snap.

Sure-Flow Turbine design provides clear passage for dirt and debris, avoiding the clogging that is common with other two-wheel cleaners. Advanced Hydraulic Technology makes it ideal for use with variable speed and two-speed pumps at lower speeds. Dual-Action Roller Skirt allows Rebel to manoeuvre up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning. Programmed Cleaning Cycle assures complete, thorough pool cleaning coverage. Compact Footprint enables Rebel to effortlessly clean tight corners and 90-degree angles. Quick-Release Latch provides top access for easy serviceability. Dedicated Vacuum Line Port provides added safety for dedicated vacuum line installation.

Pool Vac

Unlike typical suction pool cleaners that are pushed around by the hose and the currents, the PoolVac quietly drives itself around the pool following a predetermined programmed path intelligently designed to cover all of your pool without getting neither stuck nor tangled.

By using an exclusive turbine system it achieves a constant and balanced water flow while moving across the pool. This system makes it one of the most remarkably quiet pool cleaners in the market today.

The PoolVac shines where most fail: in pools of odd shapes and where pollen, sand and even twigs and pebbles are a headache. This, and the durability of the PoolVac, are the main reasons why people who try it never change to anything else.

  • Exclusive Aquapilot programmed steering pattern ensures full pool coverage
  • No extra equipment required. Powered by your current filtration System.
  • Turbine technology. Cleans quietly.
  • Easy to use. Attaches to the skimmer or suction port in under ten minutes.
  • Specifically designed intake for very small and especially large dust and debris
  • Suitable for inground pools
  • Suitable for vinyl, granite / tile and fiberglass surfaces
  • Wider and longer wearing wings
  • Quiet operation
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty